Your Guide, Cat
About Us
...has been a local resident since 1970. She began exploring these mountains with her parents as a small child and fell in love with the area. When she was old enough, she moved here and bought a motorcycle and a Land Cruiser, taking off just "to get lost" and many times did just that, walking miles back into town from unpassable dirt roads where she had gotten stuck. No better way to know the countryside!

Later, she raised her children here, dirt biking them to school, swimming in Malibou Lake and passing on her love of the harsh beauty, history & personalities of the neighborhood. You may meet her children Aliyah & Tyler as assistant tour guides.

Cat has always been an avid hiker, explorer, motorcyclist, history nut and afficianado of wine & food. A cook herself, she loves to entertain her friends, old & new at her hand built home at Malibou Lake. House guests are often treated to a magnificent hike, a gourmet meal, handmade beer & plenty of local wine and stories galore.

In addition, Cat is an inventor & founder of an international manufacturing company, accomplished motorsports painter, graduate of "LAW" school (learn about wine) and has many other interests.

Cat is always up for a new adventure, and would love to make new friends and treat them to a "locals only" experience of  the Malibu mountains.

Come hang out with us for good fun, great wine & food and local history!
818-251-0393 (cell)
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